Music Immersion

A Love and Appreciation of Music through Knowledge and Understanding!


Held Monday to Friday 3:00-5:30pm, Music Immersion Afterschool provides an enriching afterschool environment. Children will learn as they have fun! Each day, children are treated to small group music instruction by our talented and highly qualified staff. Downtime from group instruction is filled with educational fun. We have a great outdoor space for snack times and instruction times – as weather permits.

Children can attend part-time, picking the days they’d like to attend based on our lessons schedule below, or full-time, in which case they will pick an instrument to concentrate on.

Newfoundland traditions are our main focus. Children learn about Newfoundland folk music and instruments. We use traditional instruments such as fiddle, accordion and whistle.

At Music Immersion Afterschool, we believe that Newfoundland’s oral traditions are vibrant and strong. We honour this in our approach to music reading. Using the ear to eye method, students first learn to sing and understand songs. Then they learn how to read music and write it down.

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