Music Immersion

A Love and Appreciation of Music through Knowledge and Understanding!

Kodály Program

Our Kodály (pronounced Ko-dye) Musicianship classes offer children, from birth to six-years old the chance to read, write, hear and think music. Using a proven curriculum that involves play and improvisation, children are exposed to traditional rhymes and folksongs as well as classical music. During our class they are immersed in the life and language of music. Children will engage with the small peer group and instructor to develop confidence through play and games.

We have small class sizes, grouped by age and experience at times to suit your schedule. Please call 834-1895 for specific information about Kodály schedules.

The following class groups are available:

  • Kodály for babies (birth – 1) and their parent / caregiver
  • Kodály for Toddlers (age 1-2) and their parent/caregiver
  • Kodály for preschoolers (age 2 ½ – 4) and their parent/caregiver
  • Kodály Level One (age 3-4) – *see note below
  • Kodály Level Two (age 5-6)  – *see note below

Kodály classes are $17.00 per 45 minute class. We ask that you register your child for a full 19 week semester of classes. We have payment plans to meet your needs.

For older students, parents and caregivers stay at the studio during the lesson. Children attend alone at first. For the last 10 minutes, all parents (and younger siblings if you wish) attend to find out what was learned that day and what you can do to help your child continue to learn between lessons. A handout page is given to the children during every lesson. This is your child’s ‘homework’ for the week. All Kodály students will need a 3 ring 1-inch binder with three dividers to help keep handout pages in place.


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