Music Immersion

A Love and Appreciation of Music through Knowledge and Understanding!


We offer lessons in traditional Newfoundland and folk instruments such as Fiddle, Accordion, Bodhran, and guitar. All classes are taught by accomplished musicians. For more info on our instructors, see our staff bios!

Music Immersion offers 2 semesters each year. Both semesters are 18 -19 weeks long. Semester one begins in September and runs until January. Semester two begins in February and runs until June. We require that you register for a full semester of lessons. Adult sessions often run for a shorter length of time.

Lessons are $20 each for our group Junior Masterclasses (30-60 minutes) and $25 each for our 30 minute private Junior Masterclasses. Both are available in a semester long enrollment. Adult Masterclasses are also available at the instructor’s discretion. The pricing for adult classes is the same: $20 for a group lesson, $25 for a private lesson.

Some of our children’s classes are included as part of the after-school program. You can register your child for the class only and not the full program. However, please note, priority placement is given to children enrolled in the after-school program.

Please call 834-1895 to arrange a group or private lesson.

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